Case Study: Deer Creek High School

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Deer Creek is in it’s second year as a member of the OKPreps network. The broadcast class has rapidly grown into what is now known as AntlerVision. Deer Creek is one team in OKPreps network of 24 schools across the state. OKPreps is striving to bring broadcasting to every school in the state. Deer Creek, like all our schools, is making a difference in the community with the broadcasts it produces.

Collaboration between the school and OKPreps has developed an outstanding program. A broadcast professional from OKPreps is in the classroom on a regular basis to instruct and develop students and their broadcasts. We are excited to see growth in our student broadcasts as students develop real-world skills. Many of our students go on to pursue a career in sports broadcasting and with the experience they gain producing television stye broadcasts, they enter the college and career field ahead of the pack.

OKPreps is honored to be a part of this amazing success story, and we will continue to help grow the program at Deer Creek. It is our goal to bring this program to all schools in the state of Oklahoma. If you are interested in bringing this program to your school, please let us know. You can visit us at OKPreps.TV and see many other broadcast groups that have exceptional talent and ability.

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